In June 8 - 12, 2013 - the 8th Klaudia Taev International Competition for Young Singers took place. 36 participants where chosen from 17 countries: Austria, Belarus, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South-Korea, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, USA and Estonia. 

As a part of the Competition the opera production of Tsar's Bride by N. Rimski-Korsakov was staged in Theatre Endla with best singers of the 7th Klaudia Taev Competition 
Andrey Savchenka (Belarus) and Elina Shimkus (Volkmane) performing in main roles. Also the prizewinner of the 4th competition Anzhelina Shvachka participated in the production.

Jury 2013:

Edda Moser
 (Germany) - Chairwoman of the Competition, Hochschule für Musik, Köln, soprano
Erkki Alste (Finland/Germany) - Opera-Connection Alste&Mödersheim, manager
Henri Maier (France/Germany) - Opera Events, Artistic Leaderagent
Hans Nieuwenhaus (The Netherlands) - Orfeo Foundation, Artistic director, opera stage director
Erki Pehk (Estonia) - Artistic Director of the Competition, conductor
Modestas Pitrenas (Latvia/Lithuania) - Music Director of the Latvian National Opera
Peter Schünemann (Finland) - Mikkeli Gergiev Festival, Artistic advisor
Alain Surrans (France) - Rennes Opera, General Manager
Ivan Törzs (Germany) - Hochschule für Musik, Detmold, Professor, conductor, pianist