Tsar's Bride 

Opera by N.Rimsky-Korsakov
PromFest's opera production from 2013 with winners of Klaudia Taev Competition in 2011 in the leading roles

Music director and conductor - Erki Pehk

Stage director - Teet Kask
Scenographer - Madis Nurms
Lighting designer - Margus Vaigur

Stanislav Trifonov (Belarus), Elina Shimkus (Latvia), Angelina Shvachka (Ukraine) 
Orchestra and Chorus of Kaunas State Music Theatre
Premiere 6th June 2013 in Endla Theatre

Performed in: Russian

Subtitles: English, Estonian

Sat, 20th May 2019 19:00 Endla Theatre  BUY TICKET

FULL VIDEO of  Tsar's Bride perfomance